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Project Information

  • Project Name Copperbelt Copper Concentrate
  • Location Luba-Lunda Kingdom, Zambia
  • Metals: Copper, Gold
  • Deposit 30 Million Tons
  • Business Type: Purchase Ores (15% >CU) or JV
  • Develpment Phase: No Equipment yet
  • MIning Operation Permit Yes

High Contents of Copper Ore in Copperbelt, Zamiba

The Luba-Lunda Kingdom was a historical pre-colonial African kingdom located in Central Africa, primarily in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and parts of Zambia. The kingdom’s existence spanned from roughly the 16th century to the late 19th century. The Luba-Lunda Kingdom was known for its complex political and social structures. It was characterized by a hierarchical system of governance, where power was centralized in the hands of the king, who was considered both a political and spiritual leader. The kingdom was organized into provinces, each led by a governor who answered to the king. This central authority allowed for the administration of a relatively large territory and diverse population. Trade played a significant role in the kingdom’s prosperity, with the Luba-Lunda people engaging in long-distance trade networksthat extended to other regions of Africa. They traded various goods, including copper, iron, salt, ivory, and slaves. The Luba-Lunda Kingdom eventually faced external pressures, including Arab slave traders and European colonial powers. These pressures, along with internal conflicts, contributed to the weakening of the kingdom’s influence by the late 19th century. The legacy of the Luba-Lunda Kingdom continues to be felt in the modern cultures and societies of the region, as well as in the preservation of its rich artistic and cultural heritage. Copper was one of the abundant minerals in the region where the Luba-Lunda Kingdom existed. The kingdom’s territory included areas rich in copper deposits, which played a significant role in their trade and economic activities. The Luba-Lunda people engaged in mining and smelting copper, using it both for local consumption and as a valuable commodity for trade with neighboring regions. Copper was crafted into various forms, including tools, ornaments, and currency, and it held cultural and economic importance within the kingdom’s society.
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