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Vicabamba Lead Mine - Nonfm

Project Information

  • Project Name Vicabamba Gerena Mine
  • Location Eastern Peru
  • Metals Lead, Silver & Gold
  • Deposit 30 Million Tons
  • Business Type JV or Lease
  • Development Phase Zero
  • Operation Permit Time 30 to 60 days

Vicabamba Lead Mine

The “Start-of-Operations” Mine Plan, developed for Mr. Douglas Ashworth, PRG S.A., and associates with Avimetal, United States, outlines a 20,000-ton lead production project located in Peru’s Cusco province, Convention district, and Vilcabamba area, spanning 600 hectares of lead deposits. Utilizing open-pit and, in certain cases, underground mining methods, this project requires preparatory work both on the surface and underground to facilitate the initial 11,000-ton shipment to Callao port.

The site boasts lead, silver, and gold resources, both at the surface and within a vein system known for its rich mineralization. Based on prior studies, the area is estimated to contain about 30 million metric tons (TM) of recoverable mineral resources. With a monthly production rate of 20,000 tons, the operation is projected to have a lifespan of 5 years, ensuring the exploitation of this first among five lead deposits.

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